The NIH OITE is pleased to offer a series of webinars and small group discussions to help you develop the confidence and resilience you need to navigate challenging situations in school, work, and life. The series will consist of five webinars, each linked to a drop-in small-group discussion the following week. The webinars will highlight strategies needed for academic success and for thriving in research and healthcare careers. We will discuss the cultivation of skills to help you realize resilience and identify and deal with obstacles that get in your way. The material discussed will be helpful to individuals starting out, transitioning to their next experience, or mentoring others. While you may participate in any of the webinars, it is best to participate in the entire series. Concepts and themes will be developed throughout the series, and you will be able to integrate, engage with, and refine the information from the individual sessions. Data show that trainees who attended most of the sessions of the earlier “Becoming a Resilient Scientist Series” reported that they had become more resilient, were better able to handle stress and conflict in their lives, and would recommend the series highly to their colleagues.

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