Students are admitted into the Cancer Biology Program as a Research Assistant (RA) unless they have received a fellowship or training grant.

First Semester

    • Stipend: All Cancer Biology students are awarded a pre-tax stipend of $26,000 for the 2015-16 year (12 month appointment). You will receive your first full paycheck in early October (for part of August and full month of September). Students will receive a paycheck at the beginning of every month going forward.
    • Upon registering as a full-time student and completing benefits paperwork, first-year students will also receive a $1000 relocation allowance.
    • Tuition: Tuition is remitted. If you receive a tuition bill, you should contact the Program Coordinator immediately. Students will be responsible for any late fees.
    • Segregated Fees: Each semester, students with a Research Assistant title will be responsible for paying segregated fees. These fees cover the cost of University Health Services, bus passes, use of the unions, etc. Fees may be paid online through your MyUW Student Center or at the Bursar’s Office (Student Services Tower, E. Campus Mall, Room 10501). Students will be responsible for paying a $100 late fee if fee payment is not made by the deadline.
    • Taxes: Taxes are withheld from your monthly paycheck.

Research Assistants (RA)

    • Stipend: RAs are awarded a pre-tax stipend of $26,000 for the 2015-16 year (12 month appointment) paid by the Advisor.
    • Tuition: Remitted.
    • Segregated Fees: RAs are responsible for paying segregated fees each semester.
    • Taxes: Taxes are withheld from monthly paycheck.


    • Stipend: All or the majority of stipend is paid by the fellowship/training grant (if fellowship/training grant funding rate is below the Cancer Biology stipend, it will be supplemented to match the current Cancer Biology stipend rate).
    • Tuition: Paid by the fellowship/training grant.
    • Segregated Fees: Paid by the fellowship/training grant.
    • Taxes: Often taxes and social security are not automatically withheld from a Trainee/Fellow’s paycheck. Trainees or Fellows are responsible for paying the necessary taxes directly to the Internal Revenue Service (www.irs.gov) and the state Department of Revenue (www.dor.state.wi.us). Most students file quarterly estimated tax payments; failure to do so can result in tax penalties. The University of Wisconsin Service Center has put together a website with general information about tax filing: http://uwservice.wisc.edu/tax/filing-resources.php.