When working in a lab on campus, you are required to complete three basic biosafety courses administered by the UW Office of Biological Safety: http://www.ehs.wisc.edu/bio-biotraining.htm. These trainings must be completed by the first day of rotations:

  • Biosafety 101: Building Biosafety into your Research-Risk Assessment
  • Biosafety 104: Building Biosafety into your Research-Safe Use of Sharps
  • Biosafety 201: NIH Guidelines

Additional trainings may be required depending on each laboratory; i.e., when working with animals (http://www.rarc.wisc.edu) or radiation (http://www.ehs.wisc.edu/rad-training.htm). You must speak with your Advisor about which trainings are required for his/her laboratory.  For a complete list of trainings offered, please visit: https://fpm-www3.fpm.wisc.edu/EHSTraining/Default.aspx