Jason Cantor


Position title: Assistant Professor of Biochemistry

Email: jrcantor2@wisc.edu

Biochemistry Labs
433 Babcock Dr
Madison, WI 53706

Jason Cantor

Our laboratory has broad interests in modeling, understanding, and exploiting the influence of environmental factors on human cell metabolism, with a particular focus on hematological cancers and normal lymphocytes. We apply a highly interdisciplinary approach that combines principles of biochemistry, engineering, and molecular biology with methods in metabolomics, genome editing, and chemical genetics. Within this framework, we will integrate and develop novel tools and reagents, including a physiologic cell culture medium, a diverse collection of over 50 human blood cancer cell lines that we have also engineered to contain unique DNA barcodes, and a chemostat bioreactor system that we have optimized to permit steady state mammalian cell culture.