Laura C. Funk

Position title: Weaver Laboratory


6128 Wi Institute Medical Research
1111 Highland Ave
Madison, WI 53705

Research Title. Assessing the requirement of p53 in CIN-induced tumor suppression

Research Description. Aneuploidy, a chromosome complement that varies from a multiple of the haploid, is a hallmark of many cancers.  Aneuploidy can be stable- meaning the chromosome number from the parental cell is frequently different from that of its daughters. This unstable chromosome inheritance is known as Chromosomal INstability  (CIN). Work from our laboratory and others have shown that while low rates of CIN are weakly tumor promoting (by way of introducing the opportunity for gain of oncogenes and loss of tumor suppressors, higher rates of CIN cause cell death due to loss of essential chromosomes.  Research in our laboratory has also shown that two time-tested strategies for treating cancer, chemotherapy and radiation, both increase the rate of CIN.  The goal of my research project is to determine whether a pre-existing rate of CIN in tumors is predictive of improved response to chemotherapy and radiation.

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