William Ricke

Position title: Professor of Urology

Email: rickew@urology.wisc.edu

Phone: 608-265-3202

7107 WI Institute Medical Research
1111 Highland Ave
Madison, WI 53705

William Ricke, PhD, Professor of Urology

Research Description: Dr. Ricke’s laboratory focuses on the tumor microenviroment as related to hormone action and stromal-epithelial interactions in prostate diseases including prostate cancer.  He discovered that steroid hormone action is critical in the stroma rather than epithelia for malignant transformation and metastasis in prostate cancer, and, that targeting stromal receptors with therapies are the primary mode of therapy.  Currently, the Ricke lab is investigating the role of hormones on collagen changes/metrics in gene expression, collagen fiber density and alignment.  Changes in collagens appear to be correlated with aggressive of prostate disease

  • Evaluation of bisphenol-A in obstructive voiding disorders (RC2 grant, NIEHS)
  • Role of phthalates and bisphenols in prostate cancer progression
  • Evaluation of bisphenol-A in urinary tract development (U01 grant, NIEHS)
  • Role of dioxin in urinary dysfunction (METC pilot grant, NIEHS)

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