Job Opportunities

Research Specialist at The Wisconsin National Primate Research Center

The Wisconsin National Primate Research Center is seeking an ambitious and highly motivated Research Specialist to support the research activities of the Translational Stem Cell Technologies Unit. The successful candidate will work under the direction of Dr. John Maufort, assisting in the development of reagents and tools for the research community to study cell-based therapies in primates and to develop pluripotent stem cell-based clinical trials.

Postdoc Opportunities at Van Andel Institute

VAI is an independent biomedical research organization in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Our research encompasses five central themes: epigenetics, neurodegenerative science, metabolism and nutrition, cell biology, and structural biology.

Research Associate (Postdoctoral) Pathobiological Sciences

The Kawaoka Laboratory studies negative-strand RNA viruses including highly pathogenic influenza viruses, pandemic SARS-CoV-2, and filoviruses including Ebola virus.

Instructor (Fixed Term) at Michigan State University 

Positions with Proctor and Gamble