Stress Management Help Available

Stress Management

Students report that stress, anxiety, and sleep difficulties create their greatest negative academic impact (ACHA-NCHA 2013). To help promote and restore health and well-being, UHS offer individual stress management sessions.

During the session, a student meets with a health-orientated provider to review goals and develop a plan of action. A typical 45-50 minute session may include:

  • learning a brief mind/body relaxation exercise for immediate relief
  • using a mindfulness-based approach for prevention and improved focus
  • receiving specific electronic and print resources for self-care
  • designing a plan on which to act
  • scheduling follow-up sessions as needed to track progress

Students who not already seeing a UHS provider and are interested in a stress management appointment should come to the reception desk of the UHS counseling service (333 East Campus Mall, 7th floor) any time between 9 am and 4 pm, Monday through Friday, for an Access Consultation.