Networking Success Secrets

Tuesday June 26
10:30 AM – 12:00 PM
Auditorium, 1111 Genetics-Biotechnology Center

Networking and navigating social situations may feel like an insurmountable obstacle to progressing down a career track. However, it is critical to understand that building your network is about building relationships. Furthermore, it’s impossible to know when someone will be an important contact in the future. Because of this, it is critical to be strategic about developing the relationships that comprise your network. The aim is to provide a toolkit for all participants to feel more empowered to engage in networking.

This workshop will be facilitated by:
Tracy Costello, PhD
Director, Office of Postdoctoral Affairs, Moffitt Cancer Center
Chair, Board of Directors, National Postdoctoral Association

Participants will engage in interactive activities to:

  • Understand that building a network is about building relationships
  • How to start a conversation and engage in small talk
  • Master a perfect handshake
  • Create a 5 word introduction
  • Construct a 30 second elevator pitch
  • Leverage social media to build your network

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