Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship

JOB TITLE Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in Neuro-Oncology/Virology

We are seeking a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow with molecular and cell biology experience to join our team’s effort to identify and develop novel therapeutic strategies for patients with brain cancer. Focus areas of research include oncolytic viral therapies and molecular target identification. The candidate should be highly skilled in molecular engineering of viruses, immunological assays and virology. The candidate will have access to a large number of unique patient-derived tumor, blood and other bio specimens as well as a new research laboratory with a small animal vivarium and imaging suite on the Aurora Sinai Medical Center campus in Milwaukee, WI. The candidate will work with a dynamic team of clinical and translational researchers in the Aurora Neuroscience Innovation Institute and Aurora Research Institute and assists in the design of and conducts research protocols in neuro-oncology. Disseminates research findings through publication of manuscripts and presentations to advance the science of the profession. The ideal candidate will be highly motivated and will demonstrate a passion for science, innovative thinking and the ability to work independently and effectively with the other members of the team.

The fellow will work with Dr. Parvez Akhtar. His bio sketch can be found at

We are looking for a candidate who is highly motivated and passionate about research/science, who is an innovative thinker and able to work independently and effectively with the other members of the team. Good communication and writing skills are required. The candidate will be responsible for generating and analyzing data and mentoring students, publishing in peer-reviewed journals, and presenting research findings at conferences. It is highly recommended the candidate have experience with the following techniques: highly skilled in virological method, tissue culture, molecular cloning, construction of recombinant viruses and viral vectors, immunological assays, flow cytometry, genome editing (CRISPR), qRT-PCR, confocal microscopy and cell signaling. Experience in performing mouse experiments is required.

• Doctorate degree
• Expertise in molecular and cell biology and murine tumor models
• Knowledge of neuro-oncology (brain tumor biology) and other cancer areas.
• Experience in molecular virology, construction of recombinant viruses, molecular cloning, cell signaling, flow cytometry, viral delivery (Lenti /AAV/Retro), genome editing (CRISPR/Cas9), microscopy (fluorescent /confocal), immunohistochemistry and drug testing.
• Minimum of two peer-reviewed first author publications.
• Ability to interact on a scientific level with medical staff and other researchers.
• Knowledge of scientific methodologies, procedures, and basic experimental theories/applications.
• Strong critical/analytic thinking and ability to communicate effectively.
• Understanding of various computer systems and databases. Proficient in Microsoft Office.
• Experienced in developing and delivering presentations, reports, and business correspondence.
• Demonstrated effective organizational and time management skills, professional communications, and conflict resolution skills.

Applicants should send their curriculum vitae, and a brief description of research interests to Dr. Parvez Akhtar at

LOCATION: Aurora Research Institute, 960 North 12th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53233

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