Course Announcement: Pathology 751 Cellular& Molecular Biology of Aging

Department: Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Directors: Craig Atwood PhD, Rozalyn Anderson PhD, & Ozioma Okonkwo PhD.
Credits: 3
Time: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9:55 AM;
Location: CSC G5/114

This course examines the molecular, cellular, physiological, and clinical aspects of aging. The course is designed for graduate students, MD or MD/PhD students, advanced undergraduates, and clinical fellows interested in understanding the biology of aging and how it relates to translational biomedical and clinical research. Following an introduction to cellular pathways implicated in aging and longevity regulation, content is focused on the etiology of the major diseases of human aging that together account for more than 70% of all deaths. Throughout the course, aging and age-related diseases are examined via the combined expertise of basic scientists and clinicians. These modules are presented as blocks of two lectures; the first introduces the molecular and cellular aspects of topic, while the second focuses on the clinical aspects and current treatments. The age-related disease modules covered include Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, heart and vascular disease, diabetes, cancer, asthma and COPD, sarcopenia, and rheumatoid conditions.  Additional themes include hormonal dysfunction in aging, genome approaches in aging research, and studies of human aging biology. Interspersed among these modules are spotlight presentations on emerging technologies in aging research (e.g. epigenetics), and journal club presentations that review current or “classic” research papers.

Evaluations will be conducted during 3 exams over the course of the semester.

For any questions contact Todd Forsythe

Email: Phone: 608-263-6404