Application windows for Mellon Wisconsin, Kemper Knapp, Dickie, and Straka Fellowships

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  • Mellon Wisconsin Fellowship:The information for the 2019 Mellon-Wisconsin Fellowship Application is now updated. The application will be available to eligible students starting January 28, 2019 and will close February 25, 2019 at noon CST. The fellowship recipients will be announced the week of March 18. Applicants can go to the Wisconsin Scholarship Hub (WiSH) to access the application on or after January 28. As a reminder, this is a three-month summer fellowship provided to students to allow them to work full-time on their dissertations. Students (international and domestic) must have achieved dissertator status by Fall 2018 to be eligible and anticipate completing their dissertation within the next year of receiving the Mellon Wisconsin Fellowship.
  • The KemperKnapp University Fellowship: The window for academic programs to nominate prospective candidates for FY20 is: January 31 – February 15, 2019. The nomination process will be managed through FluidReview and is available now. Recipients will be announced in early March. The Kemper Knapp University Fellowship is administered by the Graduate School and provides 12-month fellowships to incoming PhD, DMA-, or MFA-bound underrepresented students, such as students of color and low-income first-generation students, and students in underfunded areas, such as the arts and humanities.
  • The Dickie Fellowship  competition is administered by the Graduate School and supports graduate students who were residents of Sauk County at the time of matriculation at UW-Madison and are enrolled in science, math, or engineering graduate programs. This fellowship also gives preference to returning adult students. This is either a 9-month or 12- month fellowship. Students can apply directly for this fellowship by going to Wisconsin Scholarship Hub (WiSH). The application window is February 4 – March 11, 2019.

  • The Straka Fellowship competition is administered by the Graduate School and supports dissertators pursuing a course of study in one of the fields of engineering, physical or biological sciences, mathematics or economics (concentrating on the advantages of the free-enterprise profit system). Applicants will also need to be able to demonstrate how they qualify as “gifted” and how they are representative of a middle-class, middle-income group. This is a 12-month fellowship. Students can apply directly for this fellowship by going to Wisconsin Scholarship Hub (WiSH). The application window is February 11 – March 11, 2019.

Funding Information and Resources:

  • SRGC Research and Conference Travel Award Funding: As a reminder, all graduate students are eligible for SRGC Awards this year. Interested students should apply through the Wisconsin Scholarship Hub (WiSH). For more information refer students to:
  • Recruitment Events and Materials: Please share your recruitment events with us so we can add these to our calendar If you need recruitment materials for your events, you can request these using the request form available on that link.
  • Fellowship Tracking System:Please use the Fellowship Tracking System to make sure your students with Graduate School supported fellowships are listed correctly. As a reminder, students on Graduate School Fellowships are required to enroll full-time each term while on the fellowship, so please make sure your students are properly enrolled. The Fellowship Tracking System can be accessed in GREU. If you need assistance with this system, please contact us.
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