March 2019

Identifying, Developing, and Presenting Your Transferable Skills

Thursday, March 7, 4:00–5:30pm

As a PhD candidate you develop competencies that can be applied to interesting and challenging work beyond the tenure track, inside or outside the academy. In this session, you will have the opportunity to identify these skills, learn ways to develop them as a graduate student, and prepare to communicate your skills to potential employers.

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Investment and Retirement Planning Session for Graduate Students

Tuesday, March 12, 12:00–1:30pm

Linda Lepe, CFP & Faculty Associate in the Personal Finance Program (SoHE) will help students develop a financial strategy to maximize limited resources while pursuing an advanced degree. Learn best practices for retirement planning, and prioritizing expenses, loans, savings, and investments during and after graduate school.

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How to Develop a Daily Writing Practice

Thursday, March 14, 1:00–2:30pm (online event)
Are you sick of working all the time without making progress on your writing projects? In this National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity (NCFDD) webinar you’ll learn some myths about writing that hobble productivity and strategies for increasing productivity and decreasing stress, anxiety and guilt.

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Creating an Individual Development Plan (IDP)

Tuesday, March 26, 12:00–2:00pm

It is recommended that all grad students have an IDP. Learn how to define achievable goals, identify resources, and develop strategies for implementing and sustaining your plans–and leave this session with ideas and a written plan already started.

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Intercultural Communication for Inclusive and Positive Collaborations

Wednesday, March 27, 12:00–1:30pm

Whether you are working with peers or mentors in a class, research, or work setting, in graduate school or beyond, effective communication is vital. In this workshop, ISS Director Dr. Roopa Rawjee will share insights, strategies and techniques for improving your intercultural communication skills.

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May 2019 Dissertation Writing Camp

Applications due March 8, 2019

Supported by the Graduate School and facilitated by Writing Center senior staff, the week-long Camp offers an opportunity for dissertators to make significant progress on their dissertations by drafting a substantial amount of writing in a structured, collegial environment. Develop writing strategies, receive feedback, build peer support, and get uninterrupted time to focus on your dissertation.

Visit the Graduate School Dissertation Help webpage for detailed descriptions and application information.



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