Upcoming Professional Development Events

You’ve spent the last several years succeeding in academia, but now you’re ready to do something else! But how do you explain your academic career and its connection to your job beyond the professoriate? In this webinar, L. Maren Wood, PhD (Founder of Beyond the Professoriate) will help you craft a compelling career transition story that you can use on your LinkedIn profile, when networking, in cover letters, and in job interviews.
Give and receive feedback with other fellowship applicants and Writing Center staff on the personal statement portion of the fellowship application using Google Docs.
Dr. Shalini Nag
Do you have trouble starting difficult conversations? Does disagreement make you uncomfortable? Whether in a personal, professional, or academic context, navigating interpersonal differences is an essential skill for all graduate students. In this workshop, Dr. Shalini Nag will guide your exploration of the differences between disagreement and conflict, positive vs. negative conflict, and communication styles. In addition, Dr. Nag will share approaches and conversational tools so you can navigate interpersonal differences with confidence. In addition, registered participants will have the opportunity to anonymously submit their own experiences and examples of conflict or difficult conversations to practice on during the workshop.
Do you need to have a breakthrough in your writing and research productivity? Do you promise yourself every term that you’re going to be highly productive, but end up falling short year after year? If so, join us for one of our most popular webinars where you will learn: How to avoid the biggest mistakes academic writers make during the academic term, how to maximize your research and writing productivity, how to combat professional isolation and create a supportive writing community.
Are you reading job advertisements and feeling overwhelmed by all the things you DON’T know? We get it. Starting a new career can mean starting over, learning new tools and developing new skills. The good news is that you love learning and you know how to research solutions to a problem! In this webinar, L. Maren Wood, PhD (Founder of Beyond the Professoriate) will provide you with tips and strategies for overcoming feeling like an imposter as you explore new career fields and begin applying for jobs outside of academia.
In this webinar, Dr. Mohan J. Dutta will draw on his experiences serving on the Publications Committee of the International Communication Association, Editorial Boards of Journals such as Communication Theory and Journal of Communication, and Editorship of the Journal of Applied Communication Research to discuss an editorial pedagogy for dismantling disciplinary whiteness. The webinar will specifically foreground strategies for decolonizing journal spaces, attending to the challenges to decolonization and the ongoing work of sustaining transformative spaces. It will wrap up with an invitation to imagining diverse imaginaries by centering radical habits of editorial stewardship.