November: Upcoming Professional Development Events

A PhD can set you up for an academic career, but what else can you do with your PhD? How can you identify other careers that align with your skills, values, and interests? In this webinar, L. Maren Wood, PhD (Founder, Beyond the Professoriate) will talk about what employers value about your graduate education and training, and how to identify career opportunities where you’ll thrive.
Last Steps to Completing the PhD degreeTuesday, Nov 16 | noon – 1:30 pm1211 Deluca Biochemical Sciences Building | Disciplinary Expertise and Interdisciplinary Connections
You will learn about the Graduate School’s requirements for completing your PhD. We will offer a brief intro to the electronic process for submitting your dissertation, the dissertation format requirements, and present information to help you make decisions about your thesis publishing options. This workshop is intended for PhD. candidates preparing to graduate in fall 2021 or spring 2022 Window Period.