Dr. Nathan Sherer Awarded H.I. Romnes Faculty Fellowship

In recognition of his stellar academic success, McArdle faculty member Nathan Sherer has been named a 2022 H.I. Romnes Faculty Fellow.  This award provides flexible research funding over the next five years for the continued development of Dr. Sherer’s outstanding research program.

Dr. Sherer, Associate Professor of Oncology and Molecular Virology, studies the cell biology underpinning the replication of HIV and other viruses.  He was previously named a Shaw Scientist and Wisconsin Partnership Program New Investigator and is currently director of the UW-Madison Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology Graduate Program.

McArdle Director Paul Lambert expressed his happiness with this selection, “Dr. Sherer is an accomplished scientist and mentor and a valued colleague in the McArdle Laboratory and the Institute for Molecular Virology.  I am pleased to see Nate recognized with this major campus honor.”

This fellowship is named in honor of Haakon Ingolf Romnes, the late Trustee and President of the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation Board, who was “a lifelong friend of the University” and whose “career was characterized by integrity, self-discipline, and the ability to accomplish monumental tasks while preserving the full support and admiration of all who came to know him”.

“I am honored to receive this fellowship for my laboratory”, said Dr. Sherer.  “This funding will provide the opportunity to explore exciting new areas of research.”

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