Annual Committee Meeting(s)

You are required to conduct a yearly committee meeting with your Certification Committee after passing the Preliminary Exam. This meeting ensures that you are making satisfactory research progress toward the PhD Degree. Committee meetings must be scheduled and completed by August 31 of academic each year. At least three committee members, including the Advisor, must attend. If necessary, you should meet individually with committee members who could not attend after the meeting. Students who do not meet with their committees in a timely fashion may be prevented from registering for the next semester.

Steps to Complete:

  • Schedule committee meeting, designate meeting chair, and reserve room location (cannot be advisor) by August 31st.
    • Committee meeting chair must be designated prior to the start of the meeting.
    • Notify Coordinator of the scheduled date and the name of the meeting’s designated chair by submitting the Annual Committee Meeting Notification Form electronically.
  • Distribute project summary and first portion of  the Annual Committe Form to committee members at least one week prior to meeting.
  • Bring a copy of the completed Annual Committe Form to meeting.
  • Present prepared presentation of research progress and accomplishments over the past year.
  • Committee holds an executive session and designated chair prepares a written evaluation.
  • Obtain signatures on the Annual Committe Form and submit it to the Program Coordinator.