Certification Committee

After joining a home lab, you will form a Certification Committee by March 15th of your first academic year.  The faculty that will make up this committee is a decision that your will make the advice of your mentor.  This committee and your annual meetings with them are meant to help guide you through the process of earning a PhD degree.  The Certification Committee consists of four members plus your faculty-mentor (PI).  At least three members, including your advisor, must be trainers in the Cancer Biology Graduate Program and at least one member from outside your faculty-mentor’s home department.  If you opt to complete an Option A minor, one member from the committee must also represent the minor department.

Things to think about when forming your committee:

  1. What are the areas of focus for my PhD work?
  2. What areas of expertise, beyond my mentor’s, will be helpful in developing my project?
  3. Will specialized techniques be employed and are there faculty that can advise me on the use of those techniques?
  4. What faculty can challenge my thinking in a constructive manner?


You are required to notify the Program Coordinator by completing the online Certification Committee Notification form by March 15th of your first academic year.   If anytime during the course of study, committee membership is updated, you are required to submit an updated form to the Program Coordinator.

Failure to submit required information will result with an academic hold being placed on your account and could result in late enrollment fees up to $100 and delayed payroll.