David Beebe

Contact Information

David J. Beebe, PhD, Professor of Biomedical Engineering

6009 WI Institute Medical Research


Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Research Description

Dr. Beebe continues to lead a large research effort consisting of 30-40 researchers. His research spans many fields including microfluidics, cell biology, cancer biology, global health, and diagnostics. While originally trained in engineering, he completed a 5 year “re-training” in cell biology via an NIH K25 award which transitioned his lab to more biology and medically focused work. Additionally, his retraining was cancer focused, and he now co-leads the Tumor Microenvironment Program within the University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center (UWCCC). The Beebe laboratory is now focused on an integrated research process that works to match unmet biological and clinical needs with appropriate technology development and adaptation. Via multiple collaborations they are developing and applying micro-scale technologies to study and diagnose a range of cancers (e.g., prostate, lung, kidney, multiple myeloma). The laboratory’s emphasis is increasingly on clinical diagnosis through the analysis of patient samples (e.g., blood, tissue).

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