Deric Wheeler

Contact Information Deric Wheeler, PhD
608-262-7837 (office)
3159 WI Institute Medical Research


Professor of Human Oncology

Research Description

My laboratory is focused on understanding mechanisms of resistance to molecular targeting agents directed against receptor tyrosine kinases. Specifically, we center our work on cancers of the head and neck and breast. We use molecular biology, proteomics, mouse modeling, including patient derived xenografts, and human tissues to understand how tumors that are initially responsive to therapy become resistant over time. The overall goal of this research is to identify these mechanisms of resistance and to target specific pathways to increase the efficacy of molecular targeting agents. Ultimately, our goal is to take basic science discoveries in the lab and translate them to the clinic.

In addition to my leadership and research roles, my laboratory provides a rich environment for students interested in pursuing translational research. I teach undergraduate, graduate and medical students as well as postdoctoral fellows. Being within a clinical department provides ample opportunities to interact with physicians and physician-scientists. This interaction allows for meaningful understanding of cancer and the best way for my students to advance their findings to the clinic. Ultimately, we hope our work impacts patients and their families in a positive way.

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