Semi-Final Report Meeting

Approximately 6 months before the anticipated completion of the dissertation, you must present a research report on the proposed dissertation to the members of your Certifica­tion Com­mittee.  The goals of this “6-month” meeting are to inform the committee of the proposed content of your dissertation in detail and to seek the committee’s approval for that proposed content.

Once your 6 month meeting has been scheduled please notify the coordinator with meeting information and schedule a brief meeting to discuss meeting protocol.  Use the online Annual Committee Meeting Notification Form. Once this form has been submit the coordinator will contact you directly to schedule this meeting.

At least 10 days prior to this meeting, you must distribute a propos­ed outline of the dissertation (which has already been reviewed and approved by the Advisor) to your Committee members and to the program coordinator.  It is essential that this outline of the dissertation be sufficiently detailed so that the committee can evalu­ate the questions addressed, the exact experiments used to address the ques­tions, and any other information needed.

Upon approval by the Certifi­cation Com­mittee, an  Annual Committee Form must be completed and signed by the Certification Committee and returned to the Program Coordinator.