Semi-Final Report Meeting

Approximately 6 months before the anticipated completion of the dissertation, you must present a research report on the proposed dissertation to the members of your Certifica­tion Com­mittee.  The goals of this “6-month” meeting are to inform the committee of the proposed content of your dissertation in detail and to seek the committee’s approval for that proposed content.

Scheduling your Semi-Final Report Meeting

    1. Poll Certification Committee members regarding availability.
      1. Complete the appropriate sections of the Annual Committee Meeting form and save an electronic copy.
    2. Notify Program Coordinator of the date of your Semi-Final Report Meeting by completing this online form:

      1. If your Semi-Final Meeting is taking the place of an Annual Committee Meeting you are required to notify the Program Coordinator by May 15th of the current academic year and your Semi-Final Meeting must be held by August 31st of the current academic year.

Preparing for your Semi-Final Report Meeting

    1. For detailed instructions and pointers, review the Cancer Biology Graduate Program Handbook.
    2. Written Report.
    3. Thesis Outline

Following your Semi-Final Report Meeting