5/23: McArdle Laboratory For Cancer Research Student/Post Professional Development Seminar

McArdle Laboratory for Cancer Research Student/Postdoc
Professional Development Seminar


Andreas Heilmann, Ph.D.
Biomedical Informatics Lead Scientist
Foundation Medicine Cambridge, MA

Andreas Heilmannis a Lead Scientist at Foundation Medicine Inc. (FMI) and manages a small group of Biomedical Informatics scientists to analyze genomic tumor profiles for patients with cancer and to interpret clinically relevant molecular information for oncologists to help them determine the right treatment for each patient. In his role, he oversees scientific decision-making and carries out literature research, scientific analysis, as well as writing and review of medical content. He leads projects and collaborates with other scientists and departments to develop and maintain FMI’s medical reporting process and clinical oncology knowledgebase. His publications with FMI include an article on the genomic landscape of medullary thyroid carcinoma, a letter on actionable gene fusions in acute lymphoblastic leukemia, and case reports.

Seminar Announcement

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018
12:00PM -1:00PM
WIMR II 6471