New BMC Course Announcement: Fall 2018

BMC 675
From Mutations to Mechanisms

Fall Semester, 2018
11:00-11:50 AM Tuesday and Thursday
2321 Biochemical Sciences Building

Instructors: Heidi Dvinge, Melissa Harrison, Peter Lewis
High-throughput sequencing technologies are identifying an
increasing number of mutations associated with human diseases.
Interpreting such mutations and dissecting the mechanism by
which they contribute to disease phenotypes remain challenging

This 2-credit course will explore laboratory and computational
methodologies involved in the interpretation of genomic data. The
goal will be to evaluate and use genomic datasets to explore
molecular mechanisms using various laboratory model systems.
Topics will include strategies and techniques for genomic data
interpretation, introduction to precision medicine, genome-wide
association studies, genomics for disease prediction, and use of
model systems to investigate the underlying mechanism.

Text: Research literature

Prerequisites: BIOCHEM 620 Eukaryotic Molecular Biology

For information: contact Peter Lewis, phone 316-4388,